Back-to-School productivity tips and the perfect working day

Back-to-School productivity tips and the perfect working day

Have you ever heard of the term “Post-Summer Momentum”?

As the name suggests, it refers to the boost of motivation and productive energy we often feel after summer ends.

Now, how are you planning to take advantage of your post-summer momentum this new academic year?

Lots of students would say buying new school supplies, setting up a study schedule, or perhaps seeking out study groups or tutors…

While these methods can potentially boost your motivation to get working, there's ONE key ingredient that binds these individual actions into a lasting plan that endures, even when your initial enthusiasm wanes.

And what's that? It's taking the time to plan out your ideal working day.

Construct the Perfect Back-to-School Day

1. Start Here

Start with Your Calendar
Use an online or physical calendar to organize your time and block out your routines, classes, extracurricular activities, and other commitments. Google Calendar is an effective (and free) digital choice.

Prioritize and Plan
Organize your tasks in the order you need to get them done, then block out time on your calendar to work on each item.

2. Plan out your routines and put them in the calendar

Morning Routine
For a full breakdown of a productivity-optimized morning routine, check our past issue here.

Evening Routine
For a full breakdown of a productivity-optimized evening routine, check our past issue here.

3. Plan Self-Care time in the calendar

Put self-care time on your calendar like any other appointment.
This could be time for exercise, reading, or just relaxing. Writing those self-care activities down and actually committing to them will help you prioritize winding down when life gets busy.

4.  Check which tech tools you’re missing

Use Tech Tools to Stay Organized
Use digital tools like planners, apps, and cloud storage to keep track of school stuff. For me, Notion is a must-have.

5. General Tips

Tackle the Hardest Tasks First
Dreading a particular task only delays it further, so it’s better to get it done as soon as you can to prevent procrastination. Eat the Frog First (aka doing the most-dreaded task at the start of your work day), as Bryan Tracy says.

Break Goals into Smaller Tasks
Complex projects should be broken down into smaller, achievable tasks to make them less overwhelming.

Turn Off Notifications

Turn off your phone’s notifications or put your phone away when you're studying. Airplane mode works just as fine.

Tune Out Distractions
Invest in noise-cancelling headphones and set specific times for checking emails and messages.

Complete One Task Before Switching
Avoid multitasking at all costs! First of all, it is rarely done right, and second of all, multitasking can be a “dopamine addiction in disguise”. We’ll dive into that in detail in an upcoming issue.

Productivity isn't just about cramming more into your day — it's about making the most of your time so you can achieve work-life balance. Implement these tips and make this school year your most productive (+ less chaotic) yet.

Action Step of the Week

Caffeine cannot outdo poor nutrition. Spend 30 minutes this week looking at what you eat. Better sleep and healthier food can help you do well this school year — more than anything else can.


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