Study Hack: Action Stacking & Productivity and the most important question of your life

Study Hack: Action Stacking & Productivity and the most important question of your life

Imagine these two scenarios:

Scenario A

Your alarm goes off at 6 a.m.

Immediately, your chest tightens with the usual mix of panic and dread at the thought of another jam-packed day ahead —classes, assignments, a part-time job, and some time for maintaining your social life.

The day feels like a chaotic jigsaw puzzle, and you're not even sure where to start. Deadlines loom, and you're constantly playing catch-up.

The stress is overwhelming.

Scenario B

Your alarm still goes off at 6 a.m., but this time, you feel different.

You've just finished making your bed, and instead of aimlessly wandering around, you immediately transition into a 5-minute stretching routine.

As you finish your stretches, you find yourself naturally gravitating towards your study desk — you open your laptop and begin tackling your most important task for the day, all before your first cup of coffee.

Your day flows smoothly, purposefully, and - the best - effortlessly.

This is the essence of Action Stacking—linking small, manageable tasks together to create a seamless flow of productivity.

What exactly is Action Stacking?

The main idea is to "stack" one action on top of another, so you move smoothly from one task to the next without losing momentum — think of it like a chain reaction; completing one task propels you into the next, creating a loop of actions that keeps you moving forward.

Step-by-step Action Stacking Process

📝 Identify Your Daily Actions

What are the small tasks you do every day - big and small? Maybe it's making your bed, brushing your teeth, or even just putting on your shoes. Write these down. This list becomes your blueprint for Action Stacking.

Now, let's get creative. How can you link these actions together in a way that makes your day flow effortlessly? For instance, right after making your bed, you could stack the action of doing a quick workout. And after the workout, why not transition into a 10-minute meditation session to clear your mind for the day ahead?

Side note: That was literally the way I personally started getting into the habit of meditating. It’s safe to say that action Stacking pretty much saved my life!

🔄 Create a Loop

The final piece of the puzzle is to create a loop of actions that you can easily follow every day. Imagine finishing your meditation session and then moving on to review your to-do list for the day. This sets the stage for focused work and ensures that you're prioritizing the right tasks.

Why is Action Stacking (perhaps) the most important technique we’ve presented in this newsletter?
Think about how powerful action stacking is for a second.

By stacking actions together instead of rigidly and hurriedly placing them into a to-do list, you're not just being productive; you're building a sustainable routine that turns productive actions into a habit, kind of like performing a satisfying, seamless, and invigorating yoga flow without even thinking about what is the next move you will perform.

Action Step of the Week

For action stacking to work, you must list the small, seemingly insignificant tasks and the heavy ones. Attention to detail will create the perfect flow. Create your action-stacked day, keeping this point in mind.


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